Sewage Spill on Old Briarcliff


Can anybody explain this sign to me?  This is downstream from the Briar Cove Stephens/Briarcliff Development, and ALSO from the Toll Brothers project at Clifton and Biltmore.  We have had heavy rains lately and the creeks have gotten quite swollen.  I noticed on 8/21 that it stank down there, and then I saw this sign about a sewage spill.

Cause?  Unknown…

Correction Action?  Took pictures and clean up debri [sic]

For those who don’t know, this is right by the bridge to Sage Hill.  This is why issues like creek setback and stormwater drainage concern those of us in the neighborhood.  Does anybody know if there is any more remediation being done, or more importantly, investigation into the source?  We need to demand this is examined as part of the Toll Brothers approval before they clear-cut another few acres of watershed.

3 thoughts on “Sewage Spill on Old Briarcliff

  1. Sciacca

    This is a great argument for stopping infill development particularly the Toll Brothers development.
    Those properties are just under contract with a contingency for the zoning they need to build.
    I recently saw epa trucks down at the beaver pond run off area by Wesley woods. Dekalb has not updated their sewer infrastructure. Prior to their visit you could smell the fowl smell when walking.


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