Current Issues

Briar Cove Townhouse Development at Stephens and Briarcliff

We are concerned over the environmental, health, cosmetic, and safety impact of the Briar Cove development at Stephens and Briarcliff.  This blog post explains many of the neighborhood concerns.

Toll Brothers Highrise at Briarcliff, Clifton, and Biltmore

Toll Brothers is planning to build a 374 unit five story tower directly across from QT and Pig n Chik on Clifton. Entrances will be on Briarcliff and on Biltmore. We are unaware of plans for street improvements, and minimal notice was given for the last meeting (no posted signs, no notice to the neighborhood).  We are concerned because the intersection of Biltmore and Clifton backs up to Burton in the mornings already, and without a light at Clifton, this will become a very dangerous intersection.  Biltmore in that corridor is already a dangerous street, with minimal lighting, no shoulder, no sidewalk, and overgrowth.

MARTA Development on Clifton Road

New MARTA extension from Lindberg Station to Emory with station by the Pig n Chik.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Road Maintenance

Tree roots have created “Speed Bumps” on the top of Burton Drive.  While we welcome the speed reduction, it’s a bit jarring on our cars.

Annexation of Emory by Atlanta

Emory recently joined Atlanta with Biltmore Dr as the boundary. What will this mean for development along the creek?

Maintenance of Trees along Biltmore

Trees have fallen during several storms this summer – it appears the area of Atlanta on the other side of Biltmore is not getting a lot of proactive maintenance.

Neighborhood Traffic

Concern over drivers using neighborhood as a cut-through and rolling through stop signs (specifically bottom of Burton and bottom of Stephens). Would love to advocate for increased enforcement at these signs.