Emory Masterplan Meeting – summary and survey

On Monday evening Emory held a public meeting to discuss the research they are doing to complete an Emory Masterplan. At this point, they are assessing the properties they own in the Atlanta area and working to figure out how they will develop the property over the next 20+ years. Emory is currently in the research phase, so there was not an actual plan or design for any portion of the Emory properties. They are searching for input from students, employees, and local neighbors to see how people currently use the Emory properties, what people think would make the properties more accessible and appealing, and what people see as current issues to be improved.
For (a little) more information about timeline for the masterplan and to leave thoughts or comments about the Framework Plan, visit: http://emory.sasaki.com/
Please complete the survey about how you use Emory properties! Emory is looking for input from local neighbors and if we don’t leave our input, our voices will not be heard! You can find the survey here: http://comap.sasaki.com/emory-community/ The deadline for the survey is October 31.
There will be another open community meeting in early 2019 to update the local neighborhoods on the progress.

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