Annexed property rezoning

Hi neighbors!
I was contacted by David Payne (Senior Director of Operations for Business and Administration). He wanted to alert our community that there will be rezoning signs on all of the annexed Emory property in the coming week. As part of the annexation of property from Dekalb County to COA, the zoning was required to remain as Dekalb County for one year. Now that the year is complete, all property will be switching from Dekalb zoning to equivalent COA zoning. For example if the zoning was O+I in Dekalb, it will switch to O+I in City of Atlanta. David was upfront that the O+I zoning in Dekalb was limited to 5 stories, but the O+I zoning in COA does not have a height limit. He said there are no plans for a structure 5 stories or more near the Biltmore neighborhood.
David said if anyone has any questions about the zoning changes, they can contact him. David Payne,, 404-727-0996

One thought on “Annexed property rezoning

  1. Karen,

    Thank you for sharing this with the neighborhood. Certainly a concern for us now that we may see Atlanta style highrises nearby. Any idea if they have plans for the creek along Biltmore?

    Joel Avrunin


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