Board of Commissioners Report – 11-13-2018

From Tanya Robbins:

For those of you who were unable to attend today’s Board of Commissioners Meeting, Kathy spoke concisely about our concerns about the building and the multiple violations of the current zoning. She asked the county to put a stop work order on the entire site stating that every time there is a delay/deferral, the builder keeps putting more facts of the ground (completing more of the townhouses).

The Board of Commissioner’s voted to defer any decisions until the December 4 Board of Commissioner’s meeting.

If it is possible for you to attend tomorrow’s meeting at 2 pm, please try to do so. (2 pm at the Maloof Auditiorium on Commerce Drive, Decatur). The parking deck can be busy and you may need to drive around a lot to find a space. Please make sure you leave time to drive around the parking deck (it took me almost 20 minutes today to find a space.) Hopefully, the parking deck won’t be as crowded tomorrow because it is an afternoon meeting.

2 thoughts on “Board of Commissioners Report – 11-13-2018

  1. Reeder glass

    I live on Burton drive and have two unrelated questions. The first is what is the traffic calming plan for Biltmore and second I see a lot of cars parked on Burton some days that I am sure aren’t residents. Are they students?


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