Revised plan for Milledge Place development

I received the updated plans for the Milledge Place development.  I see how hard Jay and so many others have worked to fight the small complex at Stephens and Briarcliff and I am overwhelmed at required time, effort and money a battle against Milledge Place would bring.  One bright spot is the support from surrounding neighborhoods such as Woodland Park, Vista Grove, Mason Mill and others.

I plan to attend as much of the meeting as I can on Wednesday and would like to develop an argument for ensuring the cut through traffic is kept to a minimum.  I feel like this is the least that we can do — maybe we can get a team to do more???

Not sure if I attached these files correctly, please let me know if I need to update them.

12491303 (1) (31315_124878) (Site Plan Submitted. 3.21.19)

12490491 (1) (31315_124878) (Amendment to Application Z-19-1235069 and withdrawal of LP-18-1235069. Submitted 3.21.19. 8.5. x 11 pages only.)

Below is a brief of the revisions composed by David Payne:

Here are the changes:

  1. Biltmore Road: widen Biltmore Road along their site for a dedicated left and right turn onto Clifton at a stop sign. (It cannot be a signalized intersection as it is too close to the existing signal at Briarcliff and Clifton.)
  2. Biltmore Road entrance: a new entrance onto Biltmore. Left in/ Right out only. Traffic island will be installed to enforce left in/ right out.
  3. Briarcliff Road: dedicated right turn lane onto site to allow thru traffic to continue. Entrance will change from “full access” to “right in/ right out” only. Traffic island will be installed to enforce right in/ right out.
  4. Will give GDOT and County 12’ of dedicated right of way all around the site for future infrastructure improvement.
  5. Will not request for land use change request to increase density. Will remain in “Town Center” which allows for 60 unit/acre (x 3.38 acres = 202 units) at 5 stories. Approximately 50% one bedroom, 50% two bedrooms.
  6. Proposed parking ratio is 1.6 per unit. I asked do you really need so much parking; he said the County requires 1.5 per unit min; 3.0 per unit max.


Since they are not seeking zoning changes, they only need to the design to be approved.

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