Work has Resumed at 1361 Stephens Drive

Looks like work has resumed on the property including End Unit 11 which has been under a stop work order.

6 thoughts on “Work has Resumed at 1361 Stephens Drive

    1. Debbie Bottner

      I spoke with code enforcement 2 times this morning yes they are in violation and a code enforcement officer is scheduled for inspection this month they said they could not give me a date when. The new case number is 105002. If you all can call we can do this together ! Thanks the number is 404-687-3700


  1. Reeder Glass

    I saw a large coyote in my front yard (1050 Burton Drive NE) this morning. First I have seen in this neighborhood. Also got a package delivered to my house but addressed to Abe Riley and parents. Anyone know their correct address?


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