( Z-18-1235069 and A-19-1243237; Milledge Place)

The Toll Brothers have submitted an official request to defer the Milledge Place rezoning application until November. The below deferral request was submitted by Carl Westmoreland to the county:
“On behalf of the applicant, please accept this as a request to defer the above rezoning application ( Z-18-1235069 and A-19-1243237; Milledge Place) until the Commission’s November agenda.  This also requests deferral of the variance application until an available Board of Zoning Appeals’ agenda after the rezoning.  The reason for the delay is that both the applicant and county need more information about the plans and timing for MARTA’s improvements in the area.  We understand that the zoning case has been advertised and that someone will need to be at the 5/7 Planning Commission and the 5/28 BOC meetings to reiterate the deferral request.  By copy, I’m asking representatives of the neighbors and other interested parties to inform their contacts that the applicant will not be moving forward in May.  Please let me know if you have questions or need anything further. “

One thought on “( Z-18-1235069 and A-19-1243237; Milledge Place)

  1. Tanya T Robbins

    A step in the right direction. I guess it would be too much to wish for it to be deferred forever.

    Actually if they advertised this to Emory workers so that their cars would effectively be off of the streets at rush hour, it would be slightly more appealing to me. (Since many of the workers have to park at N Dekalb Mall, this would be a much closer option for them.) Even if they can park on campus, this may be closer to some of the buildings than they can get and certainly cheaper than paying for the annual parking pass.


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