Milledge Place at BOC Meeting – Update

Hi Neighbors!
Thank you to everyone who came to the Board of Commissioners meeting yesterday evening in opposition to the proposed Toll Brothers development at Milledge Place. We estimate 40-50 people attended the meeting to oppose. We believe that the community turnout really got the attention of the county at each meeting. Commissioner Rader was aware of the large group turnout at previous meetings.

I will steal a summary from Laurie Gaydos: “People showed up. The builder was given 2 weeks to withdraw their proposal or it will be denied. They (Toll Brothers) were asking for deferral until Nov and it was not granted. Big win, but we have stay vigilant.
The county (Jeff Rader in particular) noted that this is a complex area and while changes “are coming,” we need to be thoughtful about it. While we raised a bunch of concerns – traffic, safety, environment, sewer in our comments, the commissioners did not comment on the specific issues.”

I am waiting for more details about the upcoming meeting that will occur in two weeks. The BOC will announce the ruling on these Zoning Revisions at that time. Update when I have more information.

Thank you to everyone who contributed behind the scenes: pulling together data, adding ideas, translating county code and regulations, meeting to pull ideas together, etc. This was a huge team effort that will continue to follow this site and other developments in the area.

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