Public Hearing – Biltmore/Clifton Traffic Calming Oct 8 at 10am

I don’t have any details of the proposal, but there is a public meeting on Biltmore/Clifton traffic calming on Tuesday Oct 8 at 10am. This is where Toll Brothers developers want to add approximately 300 cars in a 5 story apartment complex, but have promised only 12 cars per hour due to Bird scooters and the Marta train stop across the street (in 10 years+). 😂😂😂

I plan to attend. Please email me with the contact link if you have any additional details such as plans or proposals so we can prepare.

H/T to Ken Hunt for pointing this out!

3 thoughts on “Public Hearing – Biltmore/Clifton Traffic Calming Oct 8 at 10am

  1. Veronica Sciacca

    Joel,, some of us on the part of Biltmore after Stephens have petitioned for speed tables. We have had enough of people driving too fast on Biltmore. We don’t have sidewalks on our part and its impossible to walk. Also the trucks, large ones driving through. We will be getting signatures after the hearing if it goes though. Sylvia is planning on attending.


  2. Sylvia Broome

    I emailed Corvell Houston who is the designer of the traffic calming plan. The purpose of this meeting is to present his plan to the board of commissioners. Once the design is approved they will give us the official petitions. At that point we have 60 days to get 65% of the people who have driveways on Biltmore to sign affirmatively.

    This is an open meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend. I don’t know if there will be any time for comments, I’m expecting that the design will approved since it was created by Dekalb County.


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